Our Goal: Serve 15 Million Meals Annually

The Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners Mission

Each year, 750 million people around the world go hungry. And, if this isn’t tragic enough, each day 25,000 men, women and children die of starvation. Something needs to be done to stop this suffering. What if we told you there was an answer to this problem? It is time for all of us to rise up and serve. It is with this mission in mind, we are starting Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners.

The Solution to Hunger Is Growing All Around Us

In North America, more than 25% of all fruits and vegetables are plowed under or brought to landfills just because they are the wrong size, color, shape or have reached their “best before” date.1 This results in 63 million tons of food that goes uneaten each year.2 The gathering of this wasted food and processing it to produce nutritious meals is called gleaning. Gleaning is not only beneficial to humanity by feeding the hungry, it has many positive effects on our planet.

By growing relationships with local farmers to glean all their currently wasted produce, and by working closely with fellow community volunteers to process this food into nutritious meals, we believe Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners can deliver four to five million meals annually around the world to feed starving people. This is our calling.

¹ wfp.org.poverty.com
² Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

A Message from Stefan Radelich, President & CEO of Feed the Hungry

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