Reduces Food Waste

What is Gleaning?

Gleaning: Using Surplus Produce to Feed the Hungry

Gleaning is Biblical

In the Bible God instructs farmers to leave a portion of their crops for the poor to gather (glean).

Gleaning is Green

Using surplus produce to feed the hungry. Less food waste.
Now you know what gleaning is,

Learn More About Gleaning

Check out this informational video

(Video used with permission from Ontario Christian Gleaners)

Proven Process

What is our process?

To accomplish our mission, Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners will utilize
knowledge gained by consulting with other successful gleaners across North
America, purchase the necessary equipment, develop essential procedures,
and put them in place in our new facility.

Photos used are in courtesy of Niagara Christian Gleaners

We collect surplus produce from local farmers (saving it from the landfill).

With volunteers, we wash, chop, dehydrate, and package the produce.

We partner with reputable relief agencies and ship our meals overseas to malnourished people.

Volunteer to Help

Drop us email to learn how you can join the
Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners mission to provide food for the hungry.